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Retail InfoTo our valued Retailers,

Our message is simple and clear; we provide quality assured products for retail. We acknowledge and recognize that retail stores are the platforms for us to showcase our unique and special formulated herbal products.

The health food store is a place where consumers can come and seek sound, quality advice on natural herbal health supplements.

Since 1992 Dr. Frank Cheung formulated his first liquid herbal Detox product for cleansing all bodily systems and today he still continue to have great success with them, one in particular is the Arterial Supreme which is doing extremely well on the market.

We are a Nutraceutical company so our products are made under the purview of herbology and synergy. In our formulas there is a combination of Eastern and Western herbs holistically blended to produce products specific to the ailment.

Dr. Cheung is a natural pharmacologist, biochemist and also a natural science person who uses the Natural Science Technique (NST) approach to his formulation, this symbol can be seen on all PBI product labels. This guarantee’s all our products are made with the strictest of authentic and fineness herbs available, no unnatural chemicals or synthetic substances are used in the manufacturing of PBI products.

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