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Multi Cal-Mag 500ml Heart

  Multi Cal-Mag

Calcium ions are an organic mineral that serves many functions inside the human body. The most obvious function is that it takes part in the metabolism and homeostasis of the bone structure. Its availability and presence enhances the tensile strength of the skeleton and allow speedier repair to any cracks and breaks to the bone matrix. Presently, many of the calcium supplements are made of insoluble chalk or tablets. The essence of its insolubility inside the human body made it not available for any biological purpose. It is essentially useless.

As an individual ages and living in our highly processed society, availability of soluble calcium ions through diet is nil to infinitesimal at best. Therefore calcium supplementation is a must. Multi Cal-Mag from Professional Botanicals Inc. is distilled from citrates. The calcium ions are one hundred percent soluble in body fluids. Thus it availability made it ideal for bone matrix repair and healing. Since the calcium is in liquid already, it can reach the deepest of the bone compartment where damage may occur.

By taking a daily intake of Multi Cal-Mag it will help; build strong teeth and bones; make hormones and lowers blood pressure; reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke; it also helps in balancing pH level, regulate blood circulation and strengthen the nervous system.

Liquid calcium is best taken daily, preferably in the morning on an empty stomach to maximize the time the body use for repair and mineral turnover. If there is an insufficiency, it may be taken twice daily, morning and evening on an empty stomach.

The ingredients include; Calcium citrate 600mg, Magnesium citrate 250mg, Vitamin D3 100IU, Iron 5mg, Zinc 5mg, Copper 500mcg, Manganese 500mcg, Chromium 100mcg, Selenium 100mcg, Iodine 75mcg, Vanadium 35mcg, Molybdenum 25mcg

Directions: For best absorption take 2 tablespoon ((30ml)) in the morning on an empty stomach 25 minutes before the morning meal. Refigarate after opening.

Caution: Use appropriately and keep out of the reach of children.

This product does not contain preservatives, chemical additives, wheat, yeast or animal derivatives. No magnesium stearate has been used during processing.

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