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Adictasolv 90caps


Ingredients: Lobelia 143mg, Olive leaf Extract 107mg,  Pueraria Lobata (Kudzu Root) 107mg, Thyme 36mg, Clove 18mg,  Vervain 18mg, Green Tea Extract 72mg

Difficult to Kick the Habit?  

Chronic long term consumption and abuse of these substances may make one become physically and psychologically dependent on them. This is known as addiction. It is estimated over seventy-nine per cent of the world’s population is addicted to some kind of bioactive  su
bstances. To deal with addiction, one must overcome the cravings as well as reducing the withdrawal effects. Most importantly, one must detoxify the body and restore it to its equilibrium. Towards this goal, AdictaSolv was developed.

AdictaSolv is a complex blend of western plants and eastern herbs. This formula contains powerful herbs to help control the cravings effectively and softens the blows of physical withdrawal gradually.
Additionally, the use of these herbs does not cause transference. Transference occurs when an individual transfers his or her addiction from the substance of abuse to the treating molecule. A classic example is the use of methadone to treat morphine addiction. Many people became addicted to the solution itself, which is highly undesirable.

Clean Out First

To detoxify the body, we have available a complete line of organ cleansers. These cleansers include Liver Detox - the liver is the major organ where all the toxins are processed before elimination. Lung Detox - cleanses the lungs and restores the respiratory system. In cleansing, the herbal formula also helps to restore equilibrium within the organ affected by the addiction. Other organ cleansers for your consideration regarding toxin removal include Kidney Detox where water soluble toxins are eliminated and an Arterial formula that helps to clear cholesterol build-up and prevents the hardening of arteries. For further information regarding these cleansers please review the organ cleansers individually....Detox & Cleanse.


1. Tobacco                                  Nicotine         
2. Morphine                                Opium
3. Alcohol                                    Ethanol

Organs affected: liver, lungs, kidneys,

This product does not contain artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners, preservatives, chemical additives, wheat, yeast or animal derivatives. No magnesium stearate has been used during processing.

Suggested dose for adults: Take 1 capsule 3 times daily, not necessarily with food or as directed by a Natural Health Care Practitioner.

Caution: Do not exceed suggested dose.
Safety: Keep out of the reach of children and do not use during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

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