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To our dear and valued consumers, we understand how stressful life has become and the impact it has on lives that were unprepared and unprotected for the onslaught of modern day diseases.

We at Professional Botanicals Inc. (PBI) are proudly committed to manufacturing and supplying herbal supplements that will help enhance the body in combating the everyday bombardment of illnesses and ailments that afflict the human society in this modern age of medicine and technology. PBI remains wholly and solely Canadian owned and all products are made in Canada under the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) which includes the highest Natural Science Techniques (NST) of liquid formulations, encapsulation and compound herbs.

We have seen in the pass and most recently that drugs are not helping to solve the disease crisis that is sweeping through our global village. For this reason, Dr. Frank Cheung President of PBI and head of Research & Development has channeled his natural health science knowledge and expertise into developing some exquisite herbal formulas to assist in easing today’'s common illnesses and other health related complaints.

Our products are made from whole herbs and then blended into a fine liquid formula or grounded to be encapsulated. PBI thrives on quality base products to reach the cause of a disease not just to mask the condition. Our focus is on perfecting the integration of Natural Science with Western and Eastern Philosophies, thereby, producing superb herbal supplements under the PBI label.

In closing we would like to thank and remind our consumers that we are here to serve you and to answer any queries. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach us at our toll free number; 1 877-399-9411.


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