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Detox & CleanseDetoxifying and cleansing is the best way to remove built up toxins in the body

Arterial Supreme 500ml Detox & Cleanse
This formula helps support the cardiovascular system, and improves blood circulation
Kidney Supreme 500ml Detox & Cleanse
PBI Kidney Supreme is a liquid herbal remedy; that helps eliminate excess fluid retention, while assisting in regulating the chi by dispelling dampness.
PBI Colon Cleanser 300g Detox & Cleanse
PBI Colon Cleanser is a special fibre blend that removes toxic waste and undigested material from the entire gastrointestinal tract.
Parasite Cleanser 90caps Detox & Cleanse
Acts as a mild laxative to expel parasites and toxins from the gut. Parasite Cleanse has a broad anti-parasitic spectrum and targets parasites of the gastrointestinal tract and removes residual toxins.
Lung Supreme 500ml Detox & Cleanse
Clears chronic dry coughs, Relieves asthmatic conditions, Clears stuffy and runny nose, For cigarette smokers, or anyone exposed to cigarette smoke, For allergies or colds, For bronchitis or sinusitis sufferers
Liver Supreme 500ml Detox &Cleanse
PBI Liver Supreme detoxifies and cleanses the liver, improves liver metabolism, clears up liver spots and helps with anti-aging
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