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AddictionAddiction in this context relates to drugs, alcoholism and nicotine addiction

Adictasolv 90caps
To deal with addiction, one must overcome the cravings as well as reducing the withdrawal effects. AdictaSolv is a complex blend of herbs that helps to control tobacco and alcohol cravings and minimizes the physical withdrawal symptoms.
Liver Supreme 500ml
Heavy alcohol and drug consumption can lead to advance liver diseases. The level of toxic residue left behind by these toxic substances can impair the function of the liver. Using this product helps to regulate liver metabolism, to detoxify and cleanse more efficiently.
Lung Supreme 500ml
Tobacco smoke is a highly dangerous substance that affects the lungs. Your lungs are on the front line of toxic bombardment and an occasional lung cleanse supports your respiratory system in releasing pollutants that cause infection.
Kidney Supreme 500ml
The urinary tract is the body's filtering system and it is largely responsible for the elimination of waste products from the breakdown of proteins, sugars, fats and nicotine. About 3-5% of nicotine is converted to Nicotine-Gluc and excreted in urine in humans.
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