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Professional Botanicals Inc. (PBI) started its operations back in 2000 manufacturing natural health products for the Naturopathic Doctors and still continues to do so today. The focus has turned to the development of natural herbal remedies and supplements for the retail sector. PBI remains wholly and solely Canadian owned and all products are made in Canada. The President of the company Frank Cheung acquired his BSc. in Physiology and Pharmacology at the University of Western Ontario and his M.Sc. in Natural Chemistry and Ph.D. in Clinical Biochemistry at the University of Toronto, plus years of experience as a Lecturer in Pharmacology and Biochemistry and a Natural Health advocate. These expertises were channelled into developing some exquisite herbal formulas to assist in easing today’s common illnesses and other health related complaints.

PBI recognizes the importance of product knowledge, health awareness and product quality that is why consumers can rest assured that all products are carefully manufactured under the highest quality control standards and practices. PBI is a member of the Canadian Health Foods Association (CHFA) and has also attained the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification. Production includes the highest Natural Science Quality (NSQ) of herbal liquid mixtures, encapsulations and natural herbal compounds.

The company has pledged its loyalty and commitment to servicing only health food stores. The focus is on perfecting the integration of Natural Science with Western and Eastern Philosophies, thereby, producing superb herbal supplements and remedies under the PBI label.

PBI and its staff would like to express their gratitude in advance for your support. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach us at the above contacts.

“It’s nature perfect”

Sunday, December 9, 2018